The flowered garden

The flowered garden

A garden overlooking the countryside. A garden where everything has its place : perennials, bulbs, fruits, vegetables, shrubs, trees.

You will always find flowers here : in winter, spring, summer or autumn. Areas for rest and relaxation are waiting for you

chambres d'hôtes du Jay. le jardin au printemps avec les hélleboresThe garden in spring

Between winter and summer : so many colours and fragances ! Daffodils, violets, primroses, hellebores and many trees, shrubs, perenials, bulbs.  PHOTOS



chambres d'hôtes du Jay. le jardin en été avec les rosesThe garden in summer

Roses, perovskias, nepetas, dahlias, buddleias and other bulbs, perennials, shrubs are in the garden to enjoy summer.  PHOTOS




chambresdhotes-du-jay-clyclament roseThe garden in autumn

Between summer and winter, you will always see flowers in the garden.





chambres d'hôtes du Jay. le jardin en hiver avec le sarcococcaThe garden in winter

What can you find in a garden during the colder months of the year? Have you ever smelled the scent of daphne, chimonanthus, shrubby Lonicera, viburnum, but also violets?

Have you ever seen the bright yellow winter jasmine ? And hellebores, daffodils, primroses?         PHOTOS

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