The garden

The garden

A garden overlooking the countryside, a flower garden.

chambres d'hôtes du Jay. le jardin fleuri2The flower garden

A garden overlooking the countryside. A garden where everything has its place : perennials, bulbs, fruits, vegetables, shrubs, trees.

You will always find flowers here : in winter, spring, summer or autumn.

Areas for rest and relaxation are waiting for you.  SEE MORE


chambres d'hôtes du jay. la nurserie du jardinThe nursery

How delightful to see one’s flowers self-seed, to divide perennials because they enjoy living in the garden.

What could you do when they become a little bit over-invasive ?  SEE MORE



chambres d'hôtes du Jay. la campagne environnanteThe surrounding countryside

The garden is not very far from the town but is surrounded by fields and meadows.  SEE MORE